People are hurting. Let's be kind.

Christmas is a time when every form of media is pushing family and connectivity. It means a great deal to us to come together. There are those, however, who are either alone or feel alone. At some point in our lives this will be us. We can even be with many people yet feel lonelier than if we were by ourselves. Perhaps we have lost someone or something that we thought made us who we are. Sometimes we just can’t connect. We don’t always feel comfortable around others.

If we feel this way, we need to remind ourselves that we can go through the motions and if, occasionally, we find ourselves laughing or even enjoying the spirit of the season, it’s ok. It doesn’t mean we are forgetting or leaving anybody behind. It just means that for a brief time we experienced an emotion that is also a part of life. Allow yourself that brief respite. It’s your right. You’ve lived long enough to know your rights and happiness is one of them.

Joy belongs to everyone. It is ours to claim, to accept, when it comes by haphazardly skipping into our heart. When Yuletide happiness lights, fleetingly, on our soul to dance, don’t try to capture it or hold onto it. Allow it to be what it wants to be. The harder we try to control it the less control we will have. Like a star that appears brighter in the corner of our eye and fades when we look right at it.

There will be those among us who feel this way. Allow them the space to join in at their pace but reassure them that they are welcome. We can reserve judgement or at the very least, question our own impulse to comment. People are hurting in the holiday season. Let’s be kind.

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