Not Just Christmas

Certainly, in the US there are many Holidays this time of year. It is, after all, the ‘Holiday Season’. But Christmas has its unique atmosphere. In the UK, Europe and Canada Christmas is a magical time and while the Northern Hemisphere cools and becomes white with snow, too much sometimes, the Southern Hemisphere heads in Summer and beach weather. But everywhere you begin to notice the scents, colours and emotions you had left behind for a year.

The fruit is different and the smell and type of food changes. These changes trigger emotions and memories, some distant, some recent. Perhaps you long for a time past when things seemed simpler, even easier, or you are looking forward to new life, new memories to create and savour. Allow the spirit of Christmas to work its magic on you and it will ingrain the Yuletide traditions with new memories. Allow yourself the gift of the season.

You know how to do Christmas. Of course, we at MDC would love to help but you’ve got it under control.

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