About MDC

MDC Est. 1932

Remember that holiday, that good time, that special person? Remember how you felt, and how afterward you felt it even more? Do you remember that sweat-shirt, those jeans, that bag or whatever it was that brought back all those wonderful memories and took you right back to that place, that person, that time? You probably still have it and, like those we love, it still reminds us of how they made us feel.

Time passes with or without us, but we don’t need to accept the tiny squares others construct for us. We are living longer, but you want to LIVE longer. Show the world that it exists on your terms. Share your spirit and wear your personality like neon. You have new loved ones. Choose your new reminders. Love without measure.

For your family. For you.

MDC are my mother's initials. Mum was born in 1932, in country New South Wales, Australia. This site reflects her sense of fun and her love of colour. No matter what the situation, a child would always bring a smile to her face. She was a wonderful person and we hope she would be proud of this site, named in her honour, and we know she would love the products here.

We're sure you will too.

Life is more than sales and logos.

Our inspiration –

Marie Dawn Connors (MDC)

17.04.1932 – 01.02.2019

Always loved. Always missed.